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There’s Something About “Mary” (and Colder’s)…

“Mary” takes time–on Easter Day, of all days–to give us her apparent best: a curt yet carefully constructed point of view regarding our post Colder’s of Grafton – Beware The Sales Stalker:

Classy.“Mary”, you certainly do make a valid point about us being losers! In a retail sense, as consumers who’ve spent money at Colder’s expecting to be treated honestly, fairly, and with respect, we are indeed huge losers so far! And so are many other people who have given Colder’s their hard-earned money at one time or another. We’re all big losers because we shopped at Colder’s!

As for getting a life, “Mary”, that really got us pondering! Who might have less of a life and more urgently need to “get” one: people raising awareness of a company ripping off consumers, detailing shoddy customer service and their experiences so others don’t make the same mistakes, or employees who willingly take 100%-commission jobs and then reduce and demean themselves chasing down shoppers like the filthiest of lawyers chase down ambulances? We prefer to remain in the non-stalking, pro-consumer, down-with-crap-companies camp, thank-you-oh-so-very-much.

We then wondered: could someone be considered a big loser lacking a life if they spent part of their Easter Sunday leaving comments like yours, above? Any insight there, “Mary”?

At least you didn’t call us extortionists!

“Mary”, it’s perfectly OK to disagree with us. Really! However, a tip, if you don’t mind one: if you really want to have an impact, some actual substance to accompany the grade-school-variety name calling might help you establish your position and even ‘win’ the discussion.

For example: what about our observations and opinions lead you to believe we have no lives? What is it that you feel really, truly makes us big losers? If you work for Colder’s, or have some other less-direct affiliation with them, that alone is OK; we definitely don’t hate you or anyone else for just that, at all. There’s really no need to take any of this personally, either, “Mary”. What parts of our very real observations, opinions and feelings about our Colder’s experiences bother you so much, and why?

As it stands, “Mary”, you’re apparently calling us names like some kind of self-indulgent, insolent child for pointing out–truthfully and honestly, by the way–that we don’t like to be treated badly. Do we want to be literally hunted like so much prey in the case of the Grafton Sales Stalker when we visit a Colder’s store–or any retail store? No, thank you, we do not. Do you?

We previously wrote:

[…] we have absolutely no interest in buying from someone that doesn’t respect us, our space, or our time to shop at our own leisure. We can’t check out items in the store when we’re feeling eyes burning into our backs as we’re standing there. We feel like meat.

Reading that, your get-a-life/big-loser comment really doesn’t make any sense–to us, anyway–unless you’re the stalker or are otherwise just trying (and failing) to defend the stalker, Colder’s itself, or both.

Do you believe being treated like that as a customer is acceptable? Would you honestly appreciate that as a consumer? Is such behavior appropriate for any salesperson? Would such a technique get you to spend a lot of money with that salesperson and their store/company? Did you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, “Mary”?

So please, do feel free to try again, “Mary”. Really. We’re listening and want to hear what you have to say, assuming you actually have more to say. While we have stated many times that we value every comment we receive, some are ultimately more–or less–valuable than others. Try to make your next one really count. OK, “Mary”?

And again, reiterating: We absolutely recognize commission sales jobs can be hard. We know a lot of good people work them. Many because they have no choice. Others because they’re good at it. And some people even like it. We do indeed recognize and respect the work and people out there doing it. But in the case of the Grafton Sales Stalker, we’re confused about how throwing all dignity and self-esteem out the window is even remotely worth whatever money she might make from it. We’re not laughing at this person. We feel sorry for her. Such extreme behavior is embarrassing to watch. It seems so…desperate. Unnecessary. Rude. It’s very uncomfortable for us as shoppers. It does not make us want to visit Colder’s Northshore in Grafton or any other retail establishment that has employees behaving like that. We have avoided the Grafton Colder’s many times because we just don’t want to be accosted by that woman yet again. We’re convinced she drives away more sales than she makes, stalking people like that.

By the way, “Mary”, before we forget: we were completely unable to reach you at the “” email address you provided. Maybe just leave us your email address next time? Thanks again for your comment, “Mary”!

Time Warner, Stuck In Reverse. Again.

Time Warner, stuck in reverse. Again.

If Time Warner designed pistols...This is sad, troubling news indeed. No specific mention of where it’s happening yet, but if it comes to the Milwaukee area–or wherever you’re located–do yourself a favor and run away from it as fast as you can. There’s no sane reason to support this money grab. And that’s really all it is. It’s a huge step backwards; you simply don’t go from unlimited to metered service like that, limiting access, moving people to a cellphone-variety plan with early termination fees, etc.

The following snippets are from a article; please visit their site for the full article and follow their discussion there as well:

[…] Time Warner Cable was conducting a trial in their Beaumont, Texas market that imposed caps ranging from 5GB to 40GB on the company’s existing tiers of service. […] trial participants would be charged $1 per every additional gigabyte consumed, a huge markup for Time Warner Cable over cost, and a first for a major US ISP.

[…] Time Warner Cable is perfecting its marketing of the unpopular metered billing idea to consumers. Carriers love the idea, as it gives them a way to monetize and/or control Internet video, which poses a very serious long term threat to their cable television revenues. Selling consumers on the idea requires some finagling.

New customers in Beaumont are put on metered plans automatically, while existing Beaumont customers are lured into the metered fold via some fine print trickery. Customers are promised twelve month price-lock guarantees, provided they sign a new contract. But the contract fine print holds some surprises: customers previously on unlimited plans are promised “guaranteed savings,” only to find out they’re now facing a $150 ETF, low caps, and $1/GB overage penalties.

[…] Time Warner Cable COO Landel Hobbs said that the cable operator would be expanding their metered billing experiment into additional cities this year. Hobbs didn’t say which cities would get the honor. A spokesman suggests […] there will be four of them […] The carrier has yet to upgrade its network to the latest technology (DOCSIS 3.0), but has taken the industry lead on metered billing. Uncompetitive markets will feel the brunt of this “innovation.”


Beware the fine print, folks.

In other news, I still think Time-Warner should have offered a general rate reduction for the removal of Usenet newsgroups in the last year or so, but I’m guessing there are more than a few people out there reading this that have no idea what I’m even talking about. I suppose it’s offset by the ‘free’ upgrades in speed over the years, though…so just pretend I didn’t mention it…

Time Warner really needs to start giving more love to their customers, not less. Contracts? Caps? Overage Penalties? Early-termination fees? Seriously? But in markets dominated by Time Warner, they clearly have little incentive to be nice. People want broadband, and Time Warner’s the only game in many towns… and they know it.

In and around Milwaukee, though, you do have options. Not a lot, but some. No guarantees those options aren’t just as evil as Time Warner, though, ultimately…

It’s unfortunate that Time Warner’s even allowed to do this at all in markets where they’re the only real broadband option available. It would be even more unfortunate if this sets a trend for other ISPs to follow and do the same.

(via Time Warner Cable To Expand Metered Billing – Will move outside of Beaumont, but company offers no specifics… –

Another Time-Warner Milwaukee / Roadrunner customer forced to surrender


One of our regular readers, jchristopherhughes, has finally given up the fight after months of trying to get properly-working Roadrunner service from Time-Warner Milwaukee he has been paying for and not getting.

He first posted here on June 7th, 2008, in response to our February 2008 “Time-Warner Milwaukee / Roadrunner Stinkage, In Simple Pictures” post. We didn’t hear back from him, so we had no idea if his situation had ever been resolved.

Just a couple of days ago, he stopped by with a follow-up comment to let us know he’s capitulating; he’s no longer interested in fighting a customer-service battle he apparently can’t win. Sound familiar?

His surrender comment:

its now nearly end of august….and my battle to simply obtain THE SERVICE I HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR is over.

time warner…you have beat me. good bye.

tonite was the last straw…i have literally been battling this company to simply obtain even CLOSE the level of internet speed that i pay for…for nearly a year now. they do not care. period.

i have exchanged modems several times, i have replaced my wireless router 3 times. i have exhausted all possibilities of computer, os, hard drive, wireless, cables, etc…etc… problems.

i even upgraded my service to the next highest level in a hope to at least obtain USUABLE internet speed.

at this point, i CANNOT even upload a single 3.0 MB file. through any means.

last night i answered the doorbell to a “audit” team from time warner. they asked if i was happy with my service…i started to tell them my issues…and they repeated…like a mantra…EXACTLY what everyone else at time warner tells me…”its probably your computer, you need to defrag your harddrive, check all your connections, update your os, blah…blah…blah”

then they tried to convince me to upgrade my service…and also upgrade my cable package…..they would even give me free showtime for a year.

i asked them if there was anyway i could just get WHAT I PAY FOR. they seemed to be confused by this request….handed me a flyer with all the digital cable channels i could get…and told me good nite.



customer service at its ABSOLUTE BEST !!



Another one down, Time-Warner Milwaukee. Another customer lost.

This is yet another case of a Time-Warner / Roadrunner customer clearly wanting what they’re selling, and willing to pay for it. He’s–literally–the perfect customer.

Why can’t Time-Warner Milwaukee simply honor their arrangement with him and give him what he’s paid/paying for? If they can’t, then they should give him his money back (and then some).

Do you have a Time-Warner / Roadrunner story, complement, or complaint you’d like to share? We’d be happy to feature it here.