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One Game a Month – January Entry

Since I’m participating in One Game A Month (1GAM), I figured I should set up a page for it.

You’ll find it here.

You’ll find thin if not regular postmortems there, as well as links to my monthly entries.

January’s entry is completed… It’s a poor start, but it’s something.

Happy gamedev’ing to everyone. Good luck with 1GAM!

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Making Old Friends New Again

If there’s any good use for Facebook/LinkedIn/etc, it’s that.

I’ve been enjoying finding former Army colleagues and friends and being found by same the last couple of months in particular. Imagine how near-impossible it would have been only a few short years ago.

Defense Language Institute-San Francisco folks, 18th MI Bn Munich, Germany folks, old college friends both in the US and Austria…and anyone else that’s found me online at any point in the past, present and future: Hello. Again.

I look forward to reconnecting. In most cases, it’s been quite a while.

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HEXBUG Original (not Ant) Breaks a Leg

And so it goes. We have a busted leg, and the poor thing can barely walk. Our oldest son is bummed; he worked really hard at school to earn it as a reward. As you can hopefully see, the location of the break and the size of the leg both would seem to make repair pretty unlikely…

UPDATED (June 2013): folded, and with it, the images from this post. Only noticed it now; oops. We’ll see about finding originals from a backup and repairing things at some point. Maybe… this post IS pretty old.

[images were here... gone now until we fix it, if we fix it]

Got a response on Twitter about this earlier today, so we emailed the company. We’ve not had it very long, so maybe they will help us with a replacement or something…

UPDATE: The fine folks at HexbugCo are sending a replacement. Now that’s customer service. Quick, no-hassle assistance that I’ll remember the next time I see their product in stores–and buy more of it.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I screwed up when I looked up which bug this was. Replacement Ant came today, and I noticed it’s a different bug! Looking at the HEXBUG site again, our busted bug is an Original, not an Ant. Still, son will be happy and I’m glad Innovation First Labs has been so gracious and helpful.

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