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Colder’s of Grafton – Beware The Sales Stalker

The following has no specific ties to the still-ongoing issue we’re having with Colder’s, although it is about the same Colder’s store location in Grafton, WI that’s the source of all of our cash-back misery and anger.

There’s a salesperson at the Grafton Colder’s store that seems to hang out just past the staircase, close to a desk near the front end of the center area of the store. She acts like some sort of crazed attack dog or starving wolf. If she sees you walk in the door, she will beat a path to you to hound and hound and hound you. Even when telling her–politely, repeatedly, adamantly–that you don’t want to be bothered at ALL, she still forces herself on you, shoving business cards at you, spewing on and on about who-knows-what.

And then she proceeds to stalk you around the store, lurking about 50-100 feet or so away, trying to lag back behind displays, even following you around upstairs if you go up there, waiting to pounce.

We don’t know her name, but if you’ve ever been to the Grafton Colder’s, you probably know who we’re talking about.

Gonna Get You!Lady, people NOTICE. You might otherwise be a really nice person, but it’s too much. We don’t want to buy from someone that’s constantly accosting us with all the pressure they can muster. We’re sure others feel the same way. Really. It will never work in your favor.

For us, she really excels at making the Colder’s shopping experience feel extra sleazy and high-pressure. The problem for her is that we have absolutely no interest in buying from someone that doesn’t respect us, our space, or our time to shop at our own leisure. We can’t check out items in the store when we’re feeling eyes burning into our backs as we’re standing there. We feel like meat.

We’ve avoided shopping at Colder’s of Grafton many, many times because we do not appreciate being virtually mauled by this woman–seriously, every. single. time. we’re. there.  The last few times we were there, we’d actually preemptively run up the stairs or duck into the elevator, or take any other wide path in the store in an attempt to steer well clear of her.

Of course, again, this isn’t the only problem we have with/at the Grafton Colder’s store; there’s that one other lingering problem, too.

Colder’s Mission Statement … Is Terrible

We have no idea what Colder’s mission statement is trying to say. From their website:

Mission Statement

The time of selection of a major item for your home should be a joyous occasion!

Our Selection, displays and knowledge are here only to help you select those items which best fulfill your dreams of betterment in the home.

It’s like someone copied bits from a fortune cookie… Or it was written by actual monkeys. Maybe both.

Colder's Corporate Mission Statement Department

Given the fact–per their own website–that Colder’s retail-sales employees are 100% commission (“100% commission gives you great opportunities to write your own paycheck”) it’s not surprising that Colder’s mission statement makes little to no sense, because ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Colder’s mission statement might as well be just like this:

Mission Statement for the Greedy

By the way, did we mention that Colder’s seems to be ripping people off? With a mission statement this muddled, it’s really no surprise they can’t seem to write up detailed terms/conditions/restrictions for their various promotions and other “sales” that, to us, more closely resemble bait-and-switch schemes than straight-up, honest deals for their customers.

Until Colder’s gets their act together, and starts acting a lot more consumer-friendly, we strongly recommend you do not shop at any local Milwaukee-area Colder’s locations.