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Colder’s Mission Statement … Is Terrible

We have no idea what Colder’s mission statement is trying to say. From their website:

Mission Statement

The time of selection of a major item for your home should be a joyous occasion!

Our Selection, displays and knowledge are here only to help you select those items which best fulfill your dreams of betterment in the home.

It’s like someone copied bits from a fortune cookie… Or it was written by actual monkeys. Maybe both.

Colder's Corporate Mission Statement Department

Given the fact–per their own website–that Colder’s retail-sales employees are 100% commission (“100% commission gives you great opportunities to write your own paycheck”) it’s not surprising that Colder’s mission statement makes little to no sense, because ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Colder’s mission statement might as well be just like this:

Mission Statement for the Greedy

By the way, did we mention that Colder’s seems to be ripping people off? With a mission statement this muddled, it’s really no surprise they can’t seem to write up detailed terms/conditions/restrictions for their various promotions and other “sales” that, to us, more closely resemble bait-and-switch schemes than straight-up, honest deals for their customers.

Until Colder’s gets their act together, and starts acting a lot more consumer-friendly, we strongly recommend you do not shop at any local Milwaukee-area Colder’s locations.