1GAM January – Postmortem

January – Postmortem

Nothing much to report on the development front, as January proved too busy to really accomplish much. I know, excuses… but it was all important family time.

So there we were, in the very first month of the year, and the very first game needed done in less than three weeks at the time I wrote this. This first month was a bit crazy for me, personally, as we took a bit of vacation and I didn’t have a ton of time to work on it. A few free days in all, total.

For January, I was hoping to stay in the race with something simpler like a one-screen videogame version of a basic card/dice game like Yahtzee Junior. I did a fair amount of brainstorming about it, and I think I have a direction for a reasonable variation, but it can’t be done in January. No way. So I’ve benched that idea for another month. Right now, I’m just looking at completing SOMETHING–with Twine, probably, at the very least. I just need something finished. However short, however crappy. Twine has that low-fi, no-art appeal…

I also started work on a Berzerk-alike in the last few days of January. Prototyping with Construct2 (and will probably keep it in C2). More may should come of that at some point.

What I ended up doing was a Twine story that will read like excuses. I promise you, I did my best. It just wasn’t in the cards for me in January. Better months ahead!

My January 1GAM entry, using Twine, is here:


I don’t expect any great feedback–or any feedback at all, hey-oh!–but I’m happy to have it anyway.

Until the next (better!) month!

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