One Game A Month

One Game A Month

I decided to participate in One Game A Month, where the idea is to create a game (of any kind–board, card, video, whatever) every month during 2013.

My 1GAM site profile is here:

I hope to be documenting things here as I progress. I”ll also be posting on Twitter and on Google+. I’d ideally like all my monthly 1GAM efforts to kind of reflect games my kids would like to play. Or games that I think they might enjoy playing. Or at the very least, games I like to play and/or make.

So far this month, my oldest (he’s six years old) has already designed a board game with Lego pieces that borrows a bit from the Ninjago universe. I asked him to document his ruleset and be specific about his goals, and he’s very interested in detailing all of it, but maybe doesn’t really know just how much work that can be, typing it all up in a workable document, fleshing out his rules, win/lose conditions, etc. Of course, he’s just six years old, so I’ll cut him a little slack. 😉

I’ve also got to really make a hard decision on the tools I want to focus on for these projects every month. I need to get more down and dirty with Unity3D, for example, and I imagine I’ll do that in coming months’ efforts… but not in January.

I’m definitely hanging out in the Google+ group and checking things out on Github and the 1GAM site itself. Seeing a lot of great things so far. Good luck to everyone!

My Game Entries, Notes, Postmortems, Reviews, etc, for each month will all be listed here:


[ Aaaand I’ve not kept this up-to-date. Oops. Eventually? ]

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