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Internet Explorer 7 now WGA-free (finally…)

Microsoft has issued an updated Internet Explorer (IE) 7 release that no longer requires Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) validation in order to download. The company has refreshed versions of IE 7 for Windows XP Service Pack (SP)2, Windows 64 client/server, and Windows Server 2003 SP1/SP2. It also posted an update to IE 7 for Windows XP that resolves a phishing-filter problem with the browser.

(Snippet from ZDNet)

Microsoft announces new Zunes

Microsoft announced their new, updated Zune Zune graphic (from Microsoft)portable media players today, with plans to ship sometime in November. They appear to be a little more iPod-y now than they were in their first iteration, but still look like Zunes. They showed a $149, 4 gig version and a $199, 8 gig model, both of which use flash memory, and an $249, 80 gig version that uses a hard drive. All will be available in a few different colors (the 80GB initially only in black).

There have been some fairly positive changes with the hardware and controls (the new flick-control pad looks pretty cool), as well as with the underlying firmware and desktop software. There are also still a few things missing… Microsoft is also supporting DRM-free music now, to an extent.

More info about the new Zunes should be or here or here or here or here or, well, everywhere.

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Office 2003 Service Pack 3 released

We still have a few machines running Office 2003 around here. If you do too, then by all means, get updated!

It’s quite possible the Microsoft Update service has already pushed these updates out to you earlier this week. Otherwise, you’ll need to go through Office Update or hit the Microsoft website and grab the update directly yourself (as linked below). Regular Windows Update does not check for updates to Microsoft Office; we recommend you upgrade to the more advanced and inclusive (and still free) Microsoft Update service.

Customers that retain us for software updates and security audits should have received these updates already, automatically.

[…] The Microsoft Office division has just released Service Pack 3 for 2003, and it is available for download through Office Update or directly from Microsoft’s web site.

imageThe update includes a number of hotfixes that were released post-SP2, as well as some new tweaks. New fixes in Excel include performance improvements for loading files over slow networks and updates to the error-reporting service. Word gets fixes for many formatting errors, as well as for the problem some users had copying and pasting text from web pages. Powerpoint gets attention for problems with the “Package for CD” feature. In addition to bug fixes, SP3 contains numerous security patches to close recently-discovered holes.


(Snippet from ArsTechnica. Image from Microsoft.)