More Colder’s Customer Disservice

Another dissatisfied Colder’s customer.

Milwaukee‘s original article–posted just last month–asks the question:

Guess which company is more likely to get repeat business from my family and me?

The article compares/contrasts two recent customer service experiences had by the writer, with both and our Milwaukee-area Colder’s Furniture. Amazon handled things well. Colder’s–surprise!–did not:

Amazon — which resolved the issue within a few hours — or Colder’s, which finally dropped off a table without the leaf and a chair that was broken en route and “repaired” with glue that was still so wet when the furniture was delivered that the piece broke off when I brushed against it? (No, the delivery guys did not disclose the problem.) And then did not return our calls? And when I finally went to the store myself and demanded action, ordered the wrong leaf at least twice? And then told me the replacement chair had been delivered when it hadn’t been and did not return my call when I tried to follow up just a few minutes later after talking to my dad? And then, six months to the day after the furniture was delivered, finally came up with a chair that matched the set, but was not the requested captain’s chair (the kind with arms)?

Just guess.

No need to guess. Wet glue? Six months later, and still got the wrong merchandise? You would logically think there’s simply no way any company could be so incompetent and unwilling or unable to get it right. But we’ve had “The Colder’s Experience”. Others have, too.

Something Less Is Not A Deal

This same family was also unnecessarily berated by Colder’s staff, another apparent hallmark of Colder’s customer-service program:

Colder’s […] customer service rep berated my sister when my dad’s new furniture didn’t arrive for more than an hour after the store called and said the deliverers were on their way

So familiar. It’s happened to us, and it’s apparently happened to far too many of you, too (and is still happening). It’s almost amazing that anyone is surprised anymore.

Bad customer service increasingly seems to be the rule with Colder’s–rather than the infrequent exception from even the best businesses. Sketchy sales promotions, bad customer service… it’s just not worth it.

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  1. (A copy of a letter I sent to Frigidaire) Last year my wife and I purchase our first home. Before we moved in we purchased all new appliances from Colder’s in Grafton, WI. We bought Gallery Series in the kitchen, range, microwave and refrigerator, and bought Affinity washer and dryer. We have had a few problems with the appliances. The washer ATF6000FS1; SN-XC81613771 has had some problems with the door and hinge. The door hangs down so we have to lift the door to close it. I called Customer Care at Colder’s and they sent someone out in about 10 days. When the technician was there he looked at it and said ‘yep, this is pretty common with these machines, I will get the parts ordered and we will give you a call when they come in’. (This is my first day missing work for the repair) A MONTH LATER, they call and a technician comes out to fix it. This time a different technician and realizes the first technician misdiagnosed the problem and ordered the wrong part. He then says that he is going to get the part ordered and then call when it is in. (This was my second day off of work) Now another MONTH goes by and NO CALL from Colder’s. On Sunday May 10th I went to start a load of laundry and went to close the door and the STRIKER on the door broke. I call Colder’s Customer Care and the Representative says ‘yep your part is in’ I told her that because the door was hanging down that now another part is broken and they need to get the STRIKER before they send a technician out. I went on to tell her that this is ridiculous and it has been nearly 2 months and my washer is still not fixed and that I have had to take off of work every time a technician comes out to fix (not fix) my appliance. She called her Supervisor and explained the situation, she got back on the phone and ASSURED me that the technician would not only have the inner door part but also the striker and she then set up an appointment for 5/14/09. I asked that she either set up the appointment for first thing in the morning or early evening so that I did not have to loose any more money from missing work. She said she will try to do what ever she can. Wednesday night they call to confirm the appointment and they give me a 2 hour window for the appt., from 10a.m. to 12p.m., right in the middle of the day. NOW I AM FURIOUS, I live 32 miles from my job so it is not like I can just leave for a few minutes to meet the technician at my home. So now I have to take my 3rd day off of work to get this washer fixed. At 9:35 on 5/14/09 the technician calls me to say that he is about an hour away. When he got here he brought the parts in and realized that ONCE AGAIN, he does not have the right part, AND NO STRIKER. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE; at least with the STRIKER I can at least do laundry. We have been without our washer for 5 days now. I could have ordered the part online and had it sooner myself or went to another Factory Authorized Dealer in the area to get the STRIKER. I want some satisfaction here; this is the worst Customer Service I have ever seen from a Retailer in my life. I can understand someone dropping the ball once, and making a mistake, but 3 times, and all along it is costing me hundreds of dollars of missed wages. I could have hired a third party appliance repair company to fix it right the first time and it would have cost me less than it has now. This One Year Warranty is supposed to include Parts & Labor, but what about MISSED WAGES; I would like some satisfaction from Colder’s.

  2. I just came across this post but even if it is 3 years old I would like to make others aware of this…Colders does NOT make the items you are buying. Maybe you should spend a little more to get back a little more. More money does usually buy better appliances and well-built furniture.

  3. @Claire: Hopefully no one thinks Colder’s makes what they sell. At no point have we tried to imply or suggest that. What they do offer is run-of-the-mill stuff put out by the boatload from China and elsewhere. And while I agree that “spend more money” can be an effective buying strategy for many things, it’s seldom an option for most.

    So the original point we we’ve tried to make remains: there are lots of competitors to Colder’s out there. 90+% of them are selling the same grade and quality of furniture and appliances. And almost any of these competitors will be a better choice than Colder’s for avoiding hassles like scam-variety pricing and deals, the utter lack of service after the sale, and so on. Part of what people are also buying in these situations is a relationship with that retailer, for service, support, or additional purchasing down the road. Colder’s doesn’t seem to want anything but your money.

    Thanks a lot for taking time to comment. We really appreciate it.

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