Colder’s Furniture Tries Hooking Yet Another Victim?

Hook Line and SinkerWe received the following comment last night, left in response to our post “Colder’s ‘Half Back’ Promotion Might Be A Scam”, from a kind but apparently unfortunate reader, Lisandra, currently caught up her own Colder’s Mess.

Here’s the full text of that comment, reposted here so it hits our RSS feed and gets as much online reach as possible:

hi alex,

boy, i sure wish i had come across your blog before i went shopping at colders! jeez, where do i start?

on 3/5 i went in to take advantage of their serta ‘full back’ offer. i bought a matteress set for about $1750 (reg price). so then i was able to pick out $1750 in ‘free’ stuff…at reg price. i bought a bed frame (850) a blue-ray (409) and a ‘19 tv (400) . not too bad of a ‘deal’. i had to pay less than $50 difference., no big deal. i priced the serta set (online and on sale) for about $1200-1300. so i feel i got a good deal. BUT…..(hear comes the problem) ………..

……that night i also purchased a floor model tv for $1150. (reg price was around 1600?) i didn’t receive any cash back because it was clearenced and a floor model. ok, no problem. i took home the tv that night and the next morning when i hooked everything up and turned it on, a blue vertical line from top to bottom, a quarter of the way in from the left, appears on the screen. wtf? i played around with the remote and all the settings to see if that might have fixed it…nope. i called colders and they told me i is probably the cable reception. so i called time warner and set up a time for them to come out and ‘fix’ it. that was on 3/10. just as i though, it wasn’t any problem with the signal. so i called colders for the 2nd about the issue and was told to talk to the salesperson who sold me the tv. of course, he was not there at that time. so i called the next day and was able to speak with him and he said i needed to speak with someone in service, so i was transferred. the person in sales told me i needed to speak with, yet another person, jim who has already left for the day! and won’t be back until monday!! ugh!!!!

so now, over a week goes by, and its the 6th time i call about this situation with no results. i finally was able to get ahold of ‘jim’ on 3/16 and told him what is going on and basically told him i want to just return the tv. he then has me transferred to another guy, whose higher up, and when he gets on the phone he basically tells me i can’t return it and its per manufacturers policy and that the tv needs to come in to be serviced. they would be able to come to my house to pick it up on the27th or 4/2…lol you have to be kidding!? i told him that i’ll be in that night to bring it in. so, i take it back to colders and told them i’m returning it. the poor girl in customer service/pick-up location didn’t know what to do. she was calling to 3-4 people to get an answer about taking a return and all each and every one of the people she talked to seemed like they didn’t want to ‘help’ or get involved…….

so, i left the tv there to be repaired, but was told to call the next day (which was today) and talk to the cust. serv. mgr. was told she works from 9-4:30. i called around 1pm and aked for her and was told she ‘left for the day’. boy, if i’m not getting the run around, wtf gives!!!!!??????? now i feel foolish because they have my money AND my tv!

Colder’s, shame on you–again and again and again.

We’d call this unbelievable, but unfortunately, stories like this are apparently entirely common. So sorry, Lisandra. :(  Which Colder’s location? Do you have any more details regarding the names and exact positions/titles of people with whom you’ve spoken? We’d be happy to out them all.

As we mentioned in our comment reply to Lisandra, there may be other options available to you, if you feel you’ve been swindled by Colder’s (or anyone else). You may have recourse if you paid with a credit card (including many debit cards, Visa/Mastercard-logo’ed or not). You can dispute charges with your bank/credit card provider and possibly get the item(s) charged back and off your account. Your bank/card provider may offer other buyer-protection options as well. Call them and ask; it’s good information to know anyway.

Additionally, you can always contact your state’s Attorney General’s office and file a consumer complaint. Here’s the Wisconsin Attorney General’s site for filing:

Please, good readers, help us help the rest of you. Get the word out. We hate reading these stories (this one was definitely not the first). We hate that Colder’s business model seems to predicate heavily upon an ability to play hard-working Milwaukee-area consumers for suckers. Talk to other people. Share your experiences here. Milwaukee, southeastern Wisconsin, northern Illinois… they all need to know about this bad-apple retailer.

8 thoughts on “Colder’s Furniture Tries Hooking Yet Another Victim?”

  1. This is in response to the posts on your website. I just wanted to share my latest encounter with Colders.

    I have never been to Colders before this incident, and I don’t plan on going back.

    I bought a Toshiba 55″ LCD TV for a tick over $2,000. Which included a five year service contract.

    The girl at the counter rung everything up, I wrote a check, and set a date for delivery.

    The very next day, today, which is 11/4/09, I got a call from the delivery department stating the TV cannot be delivered, as I owe $80.

    I stopped into Colders and asked the girl at the counter what happened.

    She explained that the other girl who rang the sale up made a mistake, and I still owed $80 on the transaction.

    I was furious.

    The girl called the manager to the counter, I did not catch his name.

    He explained over and over that he wanted the order to be right, but never admitted that anyone made a mistake.

    I likened it to someone charging $200 to fix a car, then after the car is picked up, the mechanic called back and said: “No no. You still owe me this much and this much.”

    And surely he would see how ridiculous this was.

    The manager refused to bend on anything.

    Money was not the issue, as I just wrote a check for several thousand dollars, I do have $80 more, the point was were they going to call me the next day for more money?

    If I didn’t have it delivered and I took it home, would they have still called me for more money?

    I did not know.

    So I asked for my money back.

    The manager straight out refused to give me a refund.

    I did not want the TV anymore, I decided to take my business elsewhere.

    But he refused to refund the money. He still wanted that $80.

    I later left, but called the bank and put a stop payment on the check, as that’s all I could really do.

  2. Colder’s once again makes clear that which it values most. Which location was this?

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  3. who is the owner of Colder’s? Anyone knows? Please email me their names and emails at: [removed by admin]



  4. @sam: A visit to the Colder’s website should get you a contact email address that I’d expect would provide you with that information. Also, I pulled your email address to keep it from getting picked up by roving spambots. Good luck, and thanks for stopping by.

  5. Just want to share my experience so far. I purchased a sectional ($1350) on March 31,2011. There was a ‘half back’ deal, which I got the matching ottoman and sofa table. Since they only had weekday delivery coming up, and could not give me any kid of timeframe, the only day I had available was April 8th (I was off because my daughter had surgery the day before, and had house maintence being done). The items were delivered a little late, no big deal. Nothing was wrapped. Again, no big deal, but there was fuzz/debri all over the cushions. The delivery men said it was just from the warehouse. They were in and out in less than 10 minutes. After sitting on it, I noticed there were little wood sliver like pieces all over that I had to pick out cuz the vacuum wasn’t even picking them up. I called on Monday and just asked if there was something I could use that would get it off quickly. She said she would just send a tech out. Great! When I get home that day, I decide to ‘examine’ the couches in case I have any other questions (mind you, I’ve barely touched it because I’ve been busy taking care of my daughter). I move the ottoman (its fitted into the sectional) I immediately notice that the cushion its against, the seam is COMPLETELY crooked. The base is leather and there’s a staple in the leather where is completely visible in the front. The ottoman has strings hanging out so I turn it over and it wasn’t folded in before it got stapled so the fabric is basically coming apart already. I have had it for 6 days, maybe sit on it for an hour a day, if that, but usually sit in the same spot (so I’m not affecting the areas I need the tech to look at) and the fabric on the cushion is already loose! It looks like the cushion is worn out. I am extremely upset at the quality of this furniture. It was put together so poorly. The tech isn’t coming until Tuesday. Any suggestions on what to do? I don’t know te return policy when there’s ‘half back’ promotions involved.

  6. @shan: I unfortunately have no idea what their current official return policy is. I do know that many others have written here about their complete dissatisfaction regarding returns and exchanges in the past, being rebuffed at every level all the way up to the corporate customer service manager Sue Lewicki. In our experience, and judging from others’ comments around our site, Colder’s “unofficially” really doesn’t care about their customers or making right, and it’s apparently endorsed and enforced at the highest levels of the company.

    I hope the service visit isn’t happening outside any return/exchange window. I’d not wait if you’re looking to do a return. And by all means, involve your credit card company (if that’s how you paid for it), if you get any resistance at all, and have them initiate a chargeback as/if necessary/possible. Also strongly consider filing a complaint with the Wisconsin BBB and the WI State’s Atty office (both can be done online, if I recall correctly), if you have any kind of trouble at all at any step.

    I wish I had better news for you. Maybe they’ll do the right thing. I’ve never personally seen it, even after all we went through (one Grafton store manager rolled his eyes at me and my family at our very last in-store encounter–classy), but I suppose I can’t say it can’t ever happen.

    Good luck, and please report back. Happy to give you whatever space here you need to share your story.

  7. It makes me furious to read all these ‘unhappy’ comments but at least I know I’m not alone. A few years back my parents had ordered a couch in bright red, my Mom was so excited to finally have a bright red couch! The color swatch of the ‘red’ was perfect..just what she wanted. After waiting many weeks for their couch to arrive, with many ‘set-backs’ and supposive delays on colders end…the couch arrived. The BRIGHT REd couch, needless to say, was the furthest from bright red that we’ve ever seen. Its a maroonish color…something they would never of picked out. Actually its a color no one would probably pick out. Then when they called numerous times and also stopped into the store no one could help them. And to top it off the sales lady that had been so sweet and caring when they were picking out the fabric and couch was now the lady from hell. A total..well you know where this is going but was like someone took every caring and ‘sweet’ bone from her body. Not only did they not fix the problem but every single manager and salesperson from colders were inconsiderate, rude, and most of all unhelpful! They’ve never gone back to colders, nor have my husband and I! We send emails and letters out about their expierence and ‘no reply’ on any of it. This is a terrible terrible store..when the commercials come on I shutter..and now reading everyone elses bad expierences it makes me wonder how this place stays in business. We’ve found some very good furniture stores and mattress stores since then and although we aren’t receiving any dollar for dollar back sale on our recent mattress purchase I at least know the store is very true to their word and the salesperson is an actual caring human being. I would recommend ‘VERLo’ for mattresses a hundred times over if someone is looking for one. What a great expierence! Goodluck my friends..and don’t bother wasting your time or money at matter what ploy they try to get you in! Spend your hard owned money anywhere else!

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