Another Time-Warner Milwaukee / Roadrunner customer forced to surrender


One of our regular readers, jchristopherhughes, has finally given up the fight after months of trying to get properly-working Roadrunner service from Time-Warner Milwaukee he has been paying for and not getting.

He first posted here on June 7th, 2008, in response to our February 2008 “Time-Warner Milwaukee / Roadrunner Stinkage, In Simple Pictures” post. We didn’t hear back from him, so we had no idea if his situation had ever been resolved.

Just a couple of days ago, he stopped by with a follow-up comment to let us know he’s capitulating; he’s no longer interested in fighting a customer-service battle he apparently can’t win. Sound familiar?

His surrender comment:

its now nearly end of august….and my battle to simply obtain THE SERVICE I HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR is over.

time warner…you have beat me. good bye.

tonite was the last straw…i have literally been battling this company to simply obtain even CLOSE the level of internet speed that i pay for…for nearly a year now. they do not care. period.

i have exchanged modems several times, i have replaced my wireless router 3 times. i have exhausted all possibilities of computer, os, hard drive, wireless, cables, etc…etc… problems.

i even upgraded my service to the next highest level in a hope to at least obtain USUABLE internet speed.

at this point, i CANNOT even upload a single 3.0 MB file. through any means.

last night i answered the doorbell to a “audit” team from time warner. they asked if i was happy with my service…i started to tell them my issues…and they repeated…like a mantra…EXACTLY what everyone else at time warner tells me…”its probably your computer, you need to defrag your harddrive, check all your connections, update your os, blah…blah…blah”

then they tried to convince me to upgrade my service…and also upgrade my cable package…..they would even give me free showtime for a year.

i asked them if there was anyway i could just get WHAT I PAY FOR. they seemed to be confused by this request….handed me a flyer with all the digital cable channels i could get…and told me good nite.



customer service at its ABSOLUTE BEST !!



Another one down, Time-Warner Milwaukee. Another customer lost.

This is yet another case of a Time-Warner / Roadrunner customer clearly wanting what they’re selling, and willing to pay for it. He’s–literally–the perfect customer.

Why can’t Time-Warner Milwaukee simply honor their arrangement with him and give him what he’s paid/paying for? If they can’t, then they should give him his money back (and then some).

Do you have a Time-Warner / Roadrunner story, complement, or complaint you’d like to share? We’d be happy to feature it here.

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