Other Time-Warner / Roadrunner Subscribers Want Answers, Too

This post is a list of recent Time-Warner/Roadrunner-related search terms from just the last 10 days or so that people are plugging into Google or Yahoo (or other) search engines, bringing them to this website, to read all about our ongoing, still-entirely-unresolved Time-Warner/Roadrunner problem.

But remember, according to Time-Warner, it’s just US. Uh-huh.

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08 Apr: roadrunner lost packets
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08 Apr: linksys time warner cable unstable
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05 Apr: time warner cable modem re-boot problem
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04 Apr: Cable modem spontaneously rebooting
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04 Apr: computers internet blog
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03 Apr: Roadrunner randomly disconnects
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02 Apr: why can’t i receive emails using roadrunner/time warner
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31 Mar: roadrunner milwaukee problems
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30 Mar: sftp road runner
30 Mar: has anyone with roadrunner service having problems email or web links?
30 Mar: has anyone with roadrunner service having problems email or web links?
30 Mar: road runner milwaukee disconnects renew
30 Mar: roadrunner messing up router
30 Mar: time warner reboot

Time-Warner Milwaukee/Roadrunner, when are you going to start listening to your customers, and give them the service they’re paying for?

8 thoughts on “Other Time-Warner / Roadrunner Subscribers Want Answers, Too”

  1. What’s the scoop on this today? I am getting dropped all the time again. It’s come in fits since early this year, though it was starting to get noticeably bad last fall.

  2. What comment system is this? It’s tied into WP.com profiles, right? Without any required login and avatar matching based on email addresses, there’s nothing to stop impersonation of people whose addresses are known. Probably not a big deal most of the time, but I’ve seen this done on large sites, like Joomla.org (which uses WP as a Joomla extension) where it seems prone top abuse.

  3. It’s WordPress’ built-in Gravatar support. And yeah, I’ve seen it abused in some cases on some sites, but we moderate and approve each comment as they happen; we’ve not had any issues that we’ve noticed. Rather leave required registration off to keep the barriers to participation as low as we (safely) can. I appreciate you asking.

  4. Thanks. I forgot I had a Gravatar. Does having a WordPress account get you one automattically? I haven’t played with that stuff in a while.

    What I really wanted to ask you about it roadrunner. Are you still using them? I am wondering if I should stick with them and ask for a new modem (still using the unit they gave me 5 years ago) or try to clear some time to switch to uverse.

  5. Thanks for checking back in, Dan. You likely either signed up at the Gravatar site or via WordPress.com, yeah. Any WordPress site now that has Gravatar support enabled will pull your Gravatar based on the email address provided.

    Regarding Roadrunner… We really need to put out an updated post on how our Time-Warner-Milwaukee/Roadrunner situation finally played out. In a nutshell, we got a credit on our bill, and never heard from them again, despite many promises and grand, sweeping statements about how things were changing internally for the better, etc.

    So are we still using Roadrunner? Yes… though we would jump ship instantly if there was another provider that offered same or better speeds at similar prices. No other local provider seems to offer a comparable speed at a comparable rate. If you know or hear of any, by the way, we’d love to know about them.

    As it turns out, once we swapped out cable modems, finally got our lines buried, etc, our service has been fine. I’m pretty sure that if we started having problems again, though, we would still have the customer-service nightmares as before.

    As for AT&T’s UVerse, we’ve never used it, so we can’t make a recommendation either way. We do know people that have the service (most of them have bundles with their digital TV service) and like it. As I recall, they don’t offer the same speeds as Roadrunner at a similar price… but we’ve not checked into it in a while, either.

    I guess our recommendation is to go ahead and swap out your cable modem and see if that helps. If you’re on the Turbo tier and are using a Surfboard model number less than 5100, you definitely need to swap. Swapping is completely free of charge except for your time; just take in your old cable modem to any Time-Warner office/retail location and they’ll give you a new one, no questions asked. Make sure you tell them you need a newer model; they should be aware of what tiers need what models of modem (you need an SB5100 or better for the Turbo tier, for example). Take it home, plug it in, power up/reset your network again, and you should hopefully see better speeds and stability right away. You didn’t say what tier of service you had or what model cable modem you have… In our case, once we swapped in an SB5100, we noticed an immediate night/day difference from the SB4100/4200 modems we’d been using.

    Hopefully a swap is all it takes; you’ve got nothing to lose. If you decide to check out UVerse, make sure and grill AT&T for deals for switching away from Time-Warner/Roadrunner; they apparently offer some (or have in the past). Good luck!

  6. After being off the internet more than on, I switched to DSL. Time Warner continued to take money out of my checking account for several months even after being notified many times in person that I was no longer on their line. I had to stop payment at the bank. They so far refuse to repay me what they stole.

  7. yeah, sometimes you can be hacked and it will knock out your service, but TW with road runner service is bad. I use to get this with Charter service when they first started and found out they were cutting people off because the traffice was to high. TW is doing the same thing, they are cutting off others so that their premium service people can stay on. The real deal is they are under powered for the service they are trying to provide to the whole world.
    After knocking out the all the small guys in the markets, TW short of of OC12’s can’t support what their marketing has started.
    The same thing used to happen to the telephone. When to much traffic was detected at the noc they would cut off 200k ppl with “all lines are currently busy, please try your call again later”

    You need to complain to the FCC, and have them check your their logs before they erase them, cause that is what they are doing.

  8. roadrunner internet service doesnt work very offen, having to use yahoo internet i seem t be paying for roadrunner internet that i cannot it

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