History of the Reboot

Posting the previous posts on the Time-Warner/Roadrunner cable modem constantly rebooting issue, from last year. A couple of them were not public until today, left protected for Time-Warner’s eyes only, as a courtesy.

The spontaneously-rebooting cable modem problem actually started in December of 2006, but we didn’t start documenting it here until March 2007, as it was becoming more and more of an issue for us with family and customers alike.

The other reason we didn’t start reporting on the problem right away is we were attempting to work with Time-Warner to solve it, jumping through all of their standard support hoops like good little monk…err, customers, swapping out cablemodems, letting them send techs out, etc.

What a colossal waste of time, money, and effort all of that turned out to be.

We documented the issue as best we could at the time. It was way often too much to cover, and too frustrating to keep explaining and writing, and rewriting, trying to remember every detail, over and over again.

We probably should have posted again last year when it finally cleared up, but it never really did in a clear-cut, obvious way, so it was hard to say it was actually “fixed” at the time. Rebooting problems tapered off, but we still had speed issues after that… And of course we just wanted to not have to think about it anymore.

It eventually seemed to clear up altogether, but in such a gradual way that we consider it more coincidentally than deliberately repaired. We’re fairly certain they still have no idea what caused it then, and therefore still won’t have a clue about solving it properly now.

Déjà vu of this sort really stinks…to put it mildly.

We still don’t know who the ‘they’ might be, either; we were never successful in reaching anyone with sufficient power or expertise to look into or troubleshoot the issue.

Customer-service reps and technicians would often promise to call us back, and then never did. One tech was going to put our cable modem in debug mode, monitor it for a while (a week?) and call us back either way. Never did get that call, either. One tech visit to the house apparently doesn’t exist in Time-Warner’s records, either (the visit when the cable from house to pole was entirely replaced; the guy was here for several hours). He didn’t have me sign anything or give me any paperwork, so I have no real record of it, except for the 100 feet of thick, bright-orange cable line still laying on top of our back yard since January of 2007. Yeah, they never came back to take care of that, either. 14+ months isn’t too long to wait, is it? (Yes, it’s winter now, and the ground’s too hard until spring, but still.)

From our perspective, the random cable modem reboot problems all seemed to start shortly after the speed upgrade (to “Turbo”, from 5Mbps to 8Mbps) we agreed to in mid/late-December of 2006. The rebooting problem seemed to go away round the time they flipped the switch for us on another upgrade from 8Mbps to 15Mbps service in the fall of 2007. Speed issues remained, but those eventually evened out to an acceptable level.

Switching to “premium” service is what seems to have started this mess. And in fact, we’ve been paying extra for premium service this entire time.

Oh, the irony.

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