Tracking Time-Warner/Roadrunner Cable-Modem-Constantly-Rebooting-Again Problem

We had this problem last year with Time-Warner/Roadrunner-Milwaukee and it appears we’re having it again now. Constant, random cable modem reboots off and on all day. Yesterday, 45 times. In one day.

Can’t ssh/telnet, can’t do any audio or video streaming. Can’t do downloads, OS updates, Tivo updates, online gaming, no remote-desktop sessions… No file transfers or data backups. And our Vonage phone service? Dropped calls.

We’re being a lot more open about the issue this time than last year when this very same thing happened, because Time-Warner/Roadrunner never actually fixed anything…

In fact, they never contacted us at all.

We had a lot of days of 100+ random cable modem disconnects last year. The random-rebooting problem kind of “went away” when they upgraded their package speeds. We put up with it last year for most of the year, initially with constant disconnects, and then with severely reduced speeds.

We never got a solution or any real help with the problem last year, and it went on for most of the year, with us paying full price the entire time (with a couple of minor loss-of-service credits along the way that ultimately didn’t matter).

You’ll notice 10 most recent Twitter entries in the right sidebar for the TW/RR tracker account. And you’re certainly more than welcome to directly follow either the TW/RR tracker, or Alex, or both, on Twitter itself:

We’ll probably be opening up posts from last year’s incident that have been locked down… We’ll post again if/when that happens. Mostly a direct letter to TW/RR and some logs from the modem back then, with accompanying commentary. Boring, maybe, but also possibly insightful.

We want to be clear that all we’re after is the properly working service we’re paying Time-Warner/Roadrunner for. Hopefully they can figure out a way to make that happen, soon.

9 thoughts on “Tracking Time-Warner/Roadrunner Cable-Modem-Constantly-Rebooting-Again Problem”

  1. We live in North Dallas (TX) and we are constantly having the same issue. High transmits is what they are telling us are the issue. Ok sure. But,They haven’t been able to pin point the problem after several visits.

  2. @Mardy: Do try to get the most current model of cable modem they provide, and see if that helped. That seemed to finally solve the problem up in our area. Sorry for the late reply, too. Been in and out and away (kids and summer, go figure). Good luck.

  3. I just got the service (switched from Verizon to save some $$) 4 days in, I hate it. This modem is junk. thier customer service is a joke. Got quoted one thing, they installed another, then wont correct it. If my modem continues this behavior for another day, ill probably blow a gasket will I call to compalin about it to the customer service rep. this is nuts. In North Texas, this was AT&T before charter, and we did NOT have these problems back then. Bring aT&T back please.

  4. @Beltic: Thanks for taking time to comment, and sorry to hear about your issues. I’m not sure AT&T is any better, but it no doubt varies from one region to the next. Best of luck to you!

  5. We’re having the same problem. At first we thought it would be the router. Two weeks after testing (plugging the modem directly into the computer) we found out that the modem is faulty. The modem itself keeps resetting. Time Warner keeps telling us that everything is okay on their end. We may be looking at replacing the modem itself.

  6. @Seth: TW should replace the modem for you without any hassle at all–just a matter of a trip to a local office or retail location with your old modem. Make sure you get the latest/newest model available; that’s what finally solved the problem for us. Good luck, and thanks for visiting and commenting!

  7. I realize I’m replying super late on this, but it seems to be a faulty equipment problem for me as well. The modem I’m currently using has just tarted resetting itself every 15-30 minutes for the past 2 days, but since it’s Saturday, I’m going to have to wait until Monday to go to their office for a new modem. This will be the THIRD modem I’ve exchanged in the past 6 months.

  8. I just came across this because I’ve been having similar problems all year (I’ve had my modem for 5 years). At first I thought it was my router but have plugged directly into my computer and still experienced the same problems. Will try taking the modem in for an exchange and see if that helps.

    BTW I had BellSouth (now AT&T) before and sometimes would experience similar problems with them but not nearly as bad as I’m having with Time Warner.

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