Citibank Sucks.

I’ve got a credit line with Citibank that has an introductory period that’s expiring right now in December. I can’t seem to get a straight answer from these buffoons.

I’ve now asked them 4 different times what my new monthly minimum payment will be once the intro period is over and the regular APRs kick in. Should be a simple-enough question, right?

The latest I got from them was this:

The calculation begins with any amount that is past due plus any amount in excess of your credit line. Then the greater of the following is also added:
– The new statement balance if it is less than $20; or
– $20 of the new balance if it is at least $20; or
– 1% of the new balance plus the amount of billed finance charges plus any applicable late fees or
– 1% of the new balance plus the amount of billed finance charges or
– 1.5% of the new outstanding balance, rounded down to the nearest dollar.

Gee, Citibank. Really? That is your answer?

After practically begging you for an actual ‘ballpark-is-fine’ dollar amount, you sent…THAT? What am I supposed to do with that? More specifically, why should I have to do anything with that?

I really do think it’s time to take my money and business elsewhere. I can’t imagine what their motivation even is for not answering what has to be a common question among their customers who sign up for intro-period agreements. It strikes me as unethical in some way; I can’t quite put my finger on it. At the very least, it’s not helpful, and certainly feels dishonest and slimy to me…which is more than enough to get me to walk away from them as a customer. I don’t need this kind of hassle, and transferring my account away from them isn’t even remotely difficult to do.

Citibank, being the mega-corporation that it is, will learn nothing from this, despite my repeated attempts to ‘enlighten’ them about my dissatisfaction with their customer service, with each support email I send. What’s one customer, eh, Citibank? Bzzzzzzzzzt.

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