Microsoft announces new Zunes

Microsoft announced their new, updated Zune Zune graphic (from Microsoft)portable media players today, with plans to ship sometime in November. They appear to be a little more iPod-y now than they were in their first iteration, but still look like Zunes. They showed a $149, 4 gig version and a $199, 8 gig model, both of which use flash memory, and an $249, 80 gig version that uses a hard drive. All will be available in a few different colors (the 80GB initially only in black).

There have been some fairly positive changes with the hardware and controls (the new flick-control pad looks pretty cool), as well as with the underlying firmware and desktop software. There are also still a few things missing… Microsoft is also supporting DRM-free music now, to an extent.

More info about the new Zunes should be or here or here or here or here or, well, everywhere.

(Image from Microsoft)

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